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Soul Care Ministries International, Inc (SCMi™) is pleased to provide PayPal® as our preferred payment method (most major credit cards accepted). All payments to SCMi™ are to be made payable to Soul Care Ministries International, Inc.  PayPal provides you with secure payment processing and frees up time for us to focus on serving you.

Soul Care Christian Counseling:

Our standard fee schedule for Dr. Linda King is:

  • $150 for the initial 60 to 90 minute intake/enrollment session*
  • $250 per 60 to 90 minute clinical pastoral counseling session (recommended)
  • $150 per 45 to 50 minute temperament counseling session

*Includes one Clinical Arno Profile System (APS) temperament analysis profile or DiSC personality test at no additional charge.  Additional fees for other assessments, tests, or resources recommended by the counselor may be required.  Dr. Linda King is an N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor – Advance Board Certified, N.C.C.A. Board Certified Clinical Supervisor, N.C.C.A. Certified Temperament Therapist, and AACC Certified in Biblical Counseling and Professional Life Coaching.  

You may set up a PayPal account and ‘send’ money for goods or services to via Please refer to Life Coaching for our standard rates, PayPal® links, and information regarding our discounted life coaching packages.  Fees and contribution may also be remitted  via   payable to  

For those who cannot afford the standard fee, contributions via our Sliding Scale may be approved based on a Financial Assistance Application and Determination Letter (see below to remit):

Soul Care Temperament Counselors Network:

The standard fee for enrolling in counseling via our temperament counselors network are:

  • $185 for the initial intake, enrollment, and referral plus individual session fees; or
  • $475 for intake, enrollment, referral and a prepaid 5-Session package

Temperament Counseling is provided by our network of independent  N.C.C.A. Licensed Christian Counselors or Certified Temperament Counselors (if available).  Each counselor in our network receives clinical supervision via an N.C.C.A. Board Certified Clinical Supervisor. Counseling sessions are typically 45 to 50 minutes and provided in your local community or nationwide by phone, email, or SKYPE.   

The $185 payment for the initial intake, enrollment, and referral (or $475 for the Prepaid 5-Session Package) is to be remitted via to prior to receiving a referral.  This includes one Clinical Arno Profile System (APS) temperament analysis profile at no additional charge.   

Each counselor, in our Temperament Counselors Network, has established a standard fee schedule for the Special Personal Profile (a/k/a Personal APS Profile) as well as the individual counseling sessions.  For those who cannot afford their standard fee schedule, each counselor offers a Sliding Scale based on annual household income.  Fees for the Special Personal Profile (Personal APS Profile) and individual counseling sessions are to be paid directly to the counselor.  The counselor will contact you after receipt of the referral.  

Soul Care Christian Life Coaching:

Please refer to Life Coaching for our standard rates, PayPal® links, and information regarding our discounted life coaching packages.  Fees and contribution may also be remitted  via to

Clergy Consultation and Soul Care:

Please refer to Clergy Consultation and Soul Care for more information and PayPal® links.  Fees and contribution may also be remitted  via to

Sliding Scale Contributions:

We, at Soul Care Ministries International, endeavor to make our counseling and temperament life coaching services available to all who need it.  For those who cannot afford to remit the standard fee, we offer a Sliding Scale based on a Financial Assistance Application.  Income verification may be required. Upon written approval by our Financial Committee, you may remit your contributions to Soul Care Ministries International below:

Sliding Scale Contributions (Selection Required)
Service Requested (Selection Required)
Pre-approved Session Fee:


Your tax deductible donations help us to make our counseling and life coaching serves available to people who are under-served, unemployed, and under-employed.  We appreciate any and all donations and financial contributions.  You may via the PayPal® link below.  We thank you in advance and really appreciate your support.

Gift Certificates:

Interested in providing a Gift Certificate or provide a sponsorship?  You may purchases Gift Certificates via the PayPal® link below:


PayPal Credit Option

Are you a little strapped for cash but want to move forward with receiving Soul Care Counseling and Life Coaching services?  SCMi now offers PayPal Credit which is available for qualifying purchases when approved by PayPal.

Additional Information and Payment Options

Fees and contributions may also be remitted via the following options:

  • Remitting your payments to via  So that we may serve you more effectively, please include a notation with the name of the person serving you, type of service, and date of service.
  • Remitting your convenience fee(s) for cancellations, appointment changes, or insufficient funds to via
  • Remitting your fee(s) for the Arno Profile System (APS) by ordering online (included in thestandard intake/enrollment fee).
  • Remitting your fee(s) for other recommended assessments, test, and resoures to via
  • Request to receive an invoice for your remittances.

Thank you for your contributions, fees, donations, and gift certificate purchases.  For more informaion, please contact us.  We appreciate your support of Soul Care Ministries International (SCMi™) as we come alongside and serve you in the marketplace.


Dr. Linda H. King

Founder, President & CMO

Office Phone: (678) 288-6207, Ext 3

Toll Free Phone: (888) 761-5777, Ext 3

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