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Fees and Contributions

Coming Alongside, Encouraging and Helping You Live Your Best Life, Be Well, and Prosper

Soul Care Ministries International (SCMi™) is a self supporting, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, faith-based nonprofit organization.   We are not financially subsidized by any church or other organization.  We do not charge fees for ministry of the gospel (cf. I Corinthians 9:18).  We do ask that each individual, couple, family or their sponsor be prepared to make a monetary contribution toward the general operating and administrative expenses of our counseling ministry via our fee schedule.

Our fee schedule is based on the educational level, experience and expertise of the individual who will be serving you.  Counselees/Clients receive the added advantage of counseling and life provided by, or with the guidance of, an N.C.C.A. Board Certified Clinical Supervisor and A.A.C.C. Certified Professional Life Coach.  Each member of our staff has established a standard and customary fee.  We have established a minimum contribution for all services in order to at least cover our administrative expenses.  Please discuss the fees with your counselor prior to enrolling.

The normal cost for counseling services, from licensed counselors with advanced degrees, typically runs more than our standard fees.  For planning purposes, we suggest that you budget for no less than five (5) sessions and note that sessions are typically on a weekly basis.  While some meet their needs through a five session format, others elect to continue on with additional sessions.   The average session is 45 to 50 minutes for our standard services.  We have a heart’s desire to assist you, with the help of the  Lord, the Word of God, our professional training and life experiences.  To keep this ministry continuing for you and for others, we depend on session fees for professional counseling, life coaching and consulting services.

Those seeking our Signature Holistic Soul Care services may contact Dr. Linda King for more information.  The average session for our signature solutions is 60 to 90 minutes and fee is $250 per session.

For those who cannot afford the standard fee of $150/session we offer an application for financial assistance and contribution determination.   Christian Counseling is a calling and ministry to the Body of Christ, therefore we endeavor to not turn away any believer in need due to financial concerns.  If special arrangements or payment terms are needed, please contact our office.  All financial assistance is based upon availability of our resources and the counselee’s/client’s particular financial situation.  For those approved to receive financial assistance, we offer a suggested sliding scale based upon need and financial position, to assist you in determining a reasonable  contribution to this ministry for each counseling session.  Our sliding scale is based on annual household income.  Generally the honor system is used but income verification may be requested (i.e. a copy of a 1040, federal tax form, or pay stub).

While some may find it a bit of challenge to remit fees/contributions for counseling, we endeavor to do our part by making counseling affordable to all who request or need it.  We ask you to do your part by adjusting your budget and/or spending, during this time, so that you will be able to remit an appropriate contribution for each counseling session.

If you and/or your family has a special need, please consider obtaining a sponsor and/or contact us to request a Financial Assistance Application & Determination Letter.

The Word of God does teach us that “the laborer is worthy of his wages” (Luke 10:71 Timothy 5:18) and Christian workers should be paid by those they serve (I Corinthians 9:10 NLT).

Assessment and Tests

Additional fees may apply for assessments, tests, books and other resources as required/recommended by your counselor (i.e. Arno Profile System, Christian Auditory Meditational Therapy Rx, etc.)

Additional Information

At this time, we do not accept insurance payment, but you may inquire with your health insurance provider about possible reimbursement.  Even if you have insurance, your insurance carrier may not pay for religious counseling.  For your protection and confidentiality, you may also want to consider that there may be circumstances where it is advisable to pay for your counseling without using insurance. Insurance companies require disclosure of highly personal information about you, and confidentiality and privacy cannot always be guaranteed by them. They also often restrict the number of sessions they will authorize even if you and/or your counselor feel you still need help.

A $45 convenience fee is charged for appointments that are cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.  Except in the case of an unforeseen emergency situation, the full session fee is charged for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.  An additional $25 fee may be assessed for late arrival and face-to-face sessions that exceed one hour (please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment).  Depending upon the counselor’s schedule, a reduction in session time may be necessary in the event of late arrival. Please keep up with your scheduled appointments as our schedules may not always permit us to contact you to confirm in advance.

We are proud to now be able to accept secure credit card payment via PayPal® as well as  PayPal Credit  financing. While we encourage our counselees/clients to make their contributions by Paypal, a $35 fee will be incurred in the unfortunate event of a insufficient funds check.

Payment is required before or at the beginning of service.  If you make or have your payment ready in advance, this will free the counselor up to focus on provided you with excellence in professional service during the counseling session.  Contributions may be rendered via cash, money order, credit cards via our Paypal account or check make payable to Soul Care Ministries International, Inc.  The PayPal is our preferred payment option is provided for convenience and added security for individuals who utilize our services.  For those who elect to utilize PayPal, service fees may apply if you do not have or do not setup a PayPal account whereby you can transfer funds to the Soul Care Ministries International, Inc. account.

Online Counseling, Life Skills Coaching and Consulting services are fee based with the exception of our 5-Session Temperament Life Skills Coaching service which is provided on a Sliding Scale subject to eligibility.  A written proposal articulating the applicable consulting fees are provided in advance as the fees are specific to the scope of services to be provided.

All checks, money orders, fees and contributions are to be made payable to Soul Care Ministries International, Inc.  Thank you, in advance, for your fees and contributions.



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