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Arno Profile System Questionnaire

The Arno Profile System (APS) temperament analysis profile, along with life coaching or counseling, will help you better your inborn temperament needs, tendencies, strengths,and struggles. Order your Aro Profile System temperament analysis profile today and find the missing link to your unique spiritual genetics!

Arno Profile System Questionnaire

The Arno Profile System Questionnaire (A.P.S.) is a computerized personal indentification tool used to gain understanding of a person’s inborn temperament, characteristics, needs, strengths and struggles.

This is not a personality test. This assessment identifies y inborn nature which is genetically encoded in your soul.  Your soul is your most valuable asset, yet is often a person’s most neglected, mis-understood and under-utilized resource.

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.  Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.”  (Psalm 139:13-14 NLT)

The soul is not only the seat of a person’s struggles; it is also the catalyst for prosperity in one’s personal life, relationships, and work.  Let us help you identify your in-born soul level needs, strengths and weaknesses.  Learning your temperament, and how to get your soul level needs met in God honoring ways, will help you achieve soul prosperity.  Soul prosperity means being in holistic mental, behavioral and emotional health.

Early in the temperament counseling, therapy, coaching or consulting process; we give the counselee or client an A.P.S. Questionnaire/Response Form which includes 54 questions and takes approximately ten minutes to complete. The Arno Profile System questionnaire/responses are used to generate an A.P.S. Report.  Personal A.P.S. Reports are available for those who are not enrolling in professional services, but would simply like to learn about their temperament (see below). This report can also be generated for children and teens.  We offer a personnel version (and consulting) for pre-employment screening, employee training and development, and personnel management as well.

The A.P.S. Report will provide the keys to your ‘Spiritual Genetics’ (temperament). Your soul is the carrier of your ‘Spiritual Genetics”. You will learn your unique temperament in the three (3) areas of your soul: Inclusion (Mind), Control (Will), and Affection (Emotions). . You will stop asking, ‘Who am I’?, ‘Why do I do the things I do’?, Why do I keep making the same mistakes?’ and you will start asking, “How can I use, my temperament for the glory of God and restore my joy, fulfilling my purpose, achieving my goals and pursuing my calling?  

The A.P.S. identifies five (5) temperaments and recognizes more than 40,000 different temperament blends/combinations.   This compares to the traditional four (4) temperaments and 16 blends/combinations.  A person’s temperament cannot be accurately identified without an appropriate assessment.  Each individual is too unique to quess.  The A.P.S. identifies the truest you.  The A.P.S. is utilized with our Clinical Pastoral Counseling (Temperament Counseling/Therapy), Temperament Life Coaching, and Temperament Consulting services.  You may also purchase the A.P.S. Report for your personal use (Adult Personal A.P.S. Report) or business (Personnel A.P.S. Report).

Contact us to schedule an initial no-fee, no obligation consultation.

Begin experiencing soul prosperity by learning about your unique inborn temperament.  Our Customized A.P.S. Reports are highly recommended for individuals who would like more insight in specific areas.  Order your Arno Profile System temperament analysis profile today.

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You and the counselor, coach or consultant receives more information, from the A.P.S. Report, than he/ she could possibly collect (learn) in eight or ten sessions. The A.P.S. Report will help our counselees/clients to open up and helps the counselor, coach or consultant target or identify the hidden problems or challenges.  This information, coupled with the counselee/client history gathered, helps prepare for the next step in the counseling, coaching or consulting process and ultimately saves the counselee/client valuable time as well as money.

The A. P. S. Report details your unique strengths and weaknesses and gives suggestions for how to get your basic needs met as well as find balance in your life. These forms can be completed only after confidentially receiving the questionnaire (not provided on this website due to our licensing agreement).  The Arno Profile System Questionnarire is to each of three types of reports we can provide (Adult, Youth/Teen or Personnel).  The A.P.S. Report will then be provided to you in a confidential and secure manner.

  • Adult (required for Temperament Counseling, Therapy, Coaching and Consulting)
  • Youth (ages 7 – 11) and Teen or Child (ages 12 – 17) (if you desire your teenager or youth be counseled, a Clinical Report can be generated to assist the counselor with identifying your child’s unique temperament and only a portion of this report called “Parental Recommendations” will be given to you to help you to understand your child’s unique temperament.  Counseling of children and teenagers is offered in person only and is not provided by phone or online).
  • Personnel (recommended for employers and organizations; consulting is also available)
  • Customized A.P.S. Reports these reports, customized by SCMi, provide you with additional insight to help you personally and with your relationship, parenting, career, leadership role or business.

The cost to purchase the standard A.P.S Report(s) is as follows:

  • $75 per adult – Personal A.P.S. Questionnaire + Report
  • $75 per youth or teen – Clinical A.P.S. Questionnaire + Parental Recommendations
  • $75 per personnel/employee/staff/volunteer – Personnel A.P.S. Questionnaire + Report

Clinical A.P.S. required, and included, when enrolling in Temperament Counseling/TherapyTemperament Life Coaching, or request other services where a temperament analysis profile is recommended.  You may contact us to inquire about services and to schedule an initial free phone consultation. 

The cost to purchase our customized A.P.S Report(s) is as follows:$150 per Customized Adult A.P.S. Report w/ Personal Suggestions and Relationship Insights

  • $150 per Customized Marital (Pre-Marital or Marital Couple) A.P.S. Report w/ Personal Suggetions and Relationship Insights
  • $150 per Customized Parent/Guardian A.P.S. Report w/ Personal Suggestions and Parenting Insights
  • $150 per Customized Youth or Teen A.P.S. Report w/ Parental Recommendations and Learning Insights
  • $150 per Customized College/Adult Student A.P.S. Report w/ Personal Suggestions and Study Insights
  • $180 per Customized Career A.P.S. Report w/ Personal Suggestions and Career Insights
  • $180 per Customized Leaders A.P.S. Report w/ Personal Suggestions and Leadership Insights
  • $180 per Customized Entrepreneurs A.P.S. Report w/ Personal Suggestions and Business Insights

Our customized reports utilize the Arno Profile System Questionnaire as a temperament validation tool and provides more indepth insight regarding your personal life, career, leadership role and/or other work.  Just let us know which report you need and we will customize it for you.

In addition to the Arno Profile System questionnarire and reports, noted above, we also offer Temperament Counseling, Therapy, Life Coaching, and Consulting solutions.  These professional services are customized to meet your specific needs and goals.  Refer to our website or contact us to learn more about these services.

The A.P.S. Reports will help you identify the truest you so you can authentically be who you were created to be.  The Arno Profile System Questionaire can be administered in person, via email link or via QR Code for use with your QR Code enabled mobile device.  Should you elect to receive the Arno Profile System questionnaire via email or QR Code, you will receive an email, with a link to the questionnaire, after completing your purchase(s). Please add to your address book in order to help prevent the email from going into your SPAM or JUNK mail folder. You will not receive the A.P.S. Report for immediate download.  If you do not receive the questionnaire or a contact from us, within two business days of your purchase, please contact us.

Upon receipt of your completed Arno Profile System Questionnaire, we will review the assessment and personally provide you with a copy.  To obtain a profile for yourself, your family or your staff; you may place your order via PayPal above.  Contributions and fees may also be remitted, via, to whether you do or do not have a PayPal account.  For more information or to request information related to a family or group purchase, please contact us.

We thank you in advance for your order and look forward to serving you.

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