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Soul Care Online Christian Counseling

Soul Care Ministries International now offers Pastoral Counseling services via phone, teleconference and/or email for individual adults. We call it Soul Care Online.  The goal is to help you heal from past hurts, wounds and emotional upsets.  Telephone, internet and/or email counseling services are the most practical solution for many people.  Our online counseling services are available to counselees/clients all around the world.

We understand that schedules are busy, traffic can be hectic and many prefer receiving counseling from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office.

Many people find it much easier to talk and open up about things that are personal over the telephone versus a face-to-face consultation.  Our online counseling services are an ideal virtual solution.

Looking for Life Skills Coaching to help you find clarity in the present and empowerment to embrace your future  instead?  Please visit this link.

Benefits of Choosing Online Counseling Services:

Online services are the best option for many people because of the convenience and accessibility it provides.  Counselees/Clients receive the benefit of speaking with one of our pastoral counselors without taking time to drive to our offices or possibly without taking off from work during business hours.

  • You will receive the same professional service that we provide during office visits.
  • Online services are affordable and convenient.
  • Service is offered by phone, teleconference, Skypeemail or a combination of these options.
  • Counseling can take place from the privacy of the client’s own home or office.
  • While we cannot guarantee security online, we do utilize a secure email system and strict confidence is assured just as it is for office visits.

You must be age 18 or older to take advantage of this serve. 

How Online Counseling Works:

Our services are designed to meet the needs of our counselees/clients with convenience and affordability.  Here is how it works:

  • Prerequisite A:  Contact us for an initial 15 to 30 minute no-fee consultation and to request an appointment via telephone or conference call.
  • Prerequisite B:  Enroll by remitting the linked counseling forms via download, scan and email or via fax which will be delivered to the counselor’s secure email address.   These forms will help to give the counselor the necessary background information about you and your situation.
  • Prerequisite C: Remit Payment  via PayPal (enrollment fee, session fee, or prepayment via PayPal.
  • Prerequisite D: Schedule Appointment via our online appointment scheduler
  • There is an online enrollment fee of $55 which includes one Adult Clinical Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) temperament analysis profile.
  • $25 donation for a Special Personal Profile (SPP) is requested if you would like a personal copy of the A.P.S. Report.
  • Online counseling is provided at a  rate of $75 per 45 to 60 minute session ($100 if provided by Skype).
  • We offer a discounted 5-Step Pre-paid Package for $375, including enrollment and one adult A.P.S. Report, which provides a savings of $80  ($475 if service is to provided via Skype).  Additional sessions can be provided at $75 per session.
  • Payment is easy as we accept credit cards via PayPal and PayPal Credit.

*Confirmed payment via PayPal is required at least 48 hours prior to each session.  A PayPal account is recommended but not required.  Professional online counseling by phone or email will not be provided outside of or beyond the sessions agreed upon with the counselor. 

  • Session 1:  During this initial session you will discuss what you are going through and the counselor will explain how the Arno Profile System can benefit you.
  • Session 2:  When Temperament Counseling/Therapy is requested, the counselor reviews the Arno Profile Report (Temperament Analysis Profile) and teaches you about your unique temperament (a/k/a spiritual genetics).  You may advise the counselor whether you would like the report to be used solely for clinical use or whether you would like to receive a Special Personal Profile (S.P.P.) via email attachment.  A $25 donation for the S.P.P. is requested unless you have enrolled in our prepaid service.
  • Session 3: You and the counselor will examine the specific circumstances or situation for which you are seeking counseling.
  • Session 4:  When Temperament Counseling/Therapy is requested, you and the counselor will explore how to meet your temperament needs in ways that become virtues that glorify God and foster your healing process.
  • Session 5: When Temperament Counseling/Therapy is requested, you and the counselor will examine your needs and work together to find solutions via healthy responses to your problems, challenges and situations.
  • Subsequent Sessions:  TBD (together you and your counselor will determine whether online therapy is a good option).

This is not ‘talk therapy’ so please be prepared to engage in the process.  This will best foster your healing.  Just as with face-to-face counseling, we may assign homework in order to give the opportunity for acceptance of  personal responsibility, change, growth and accountability.  The homework may consist of Bible studies, readings and/or other assignments.

When Temperament Counseling/Therapy is requested, we ask that you plan to schedule at least five (5) sessions so that you may take advantage of the 5-Step Temperament Counseling format.  We will work with you to determine how many sessions will be needed to achieve your goals for the counseling should you not elect to receive Temperament Counseling/Therapy.  Counseling is distinguished from therapy in that counseling is short-term and therapy expands beyond the typical 5-Session format.  For some, additional sessions may be needed in order to reach your goals for counseling.

EMAIL Counseling:

Some of our counselees/clients prefer counseling solely by email.  For them, email counseling offers a number of benefits including the following:

  • Many counselees/clients find it easier to express their thoughts and feelings by writing about their experiences; some find that by writing about their situation, the situation becomes clearer for them.
  • Counseling via email never needs to involve intermediaries such as receptionists or the possibility of running into other clients in the counselor’s office.
  • The 5-Step Temperament Counseling Format we offer can be very effectively carried out via email counseling.
  • A 5-Step Biblical Counseling Format is also available.
  • Email counseling offers more ease of comfort and safety for those counselees/clients who have difficulty opening up and talking about themselves in front of another person.
  • Some counselees/clients find that email communication encourages them to express themselves more clearly.
  • Email journaling, or the act of writing about one’s experiences, can in itself be therapeutic for some counselees/clients.
  • The exchange of emails with a counselor creates an automatic transcript of all sessions for later reference by the counselees/clients to use in their healing process.
  • The counselee/client has the advantage of not having to wait a full week for further response from the counselor whereas face-to-face counseling is generally scheduled once per week.
  • The asynchronous nature of counseling by email provides both counselee/client and the counselor the opportunity to reflect on thoughts, feelings, discussions, etc.
  • Commitment to a prepaid 5-Step Counseling Format.  This assures the counselee/client of the counselor’s focused and undivided attention when addressing his/her needs via our security enabled email system.  The counselor will direct the email format with specific instructions to the counselee/client.  The counselee/client will be provided with a special email address and email counseling will be discontinued upon completion of the 5-Step format.  This option includes one Adult Clinical A.P.S. Report.  An $25 donation is requested for an Adult Special Personal Profile (S.P.P.) if one is desired.

*It is important to discuss this option with the counselor prior to deciding whether this is the right therapeutic option.  Email counseling is not available, nor is it appropriate, for crisis situations or longer term therapy. 

Communications Technologies:

Online Counseling may be supported by various online communication tools in addition to the traditional telephone, email and contact forms.  Prior to commencing online counseling, you will receive instructions regarding which communications services will be utilized.

*Online Counseling is provided by appointment only.  Unidentified callers or blocked numbers will likely be sent to voice mail. 

Payment Options:

We are here to come alongside and minister wise counsel through online capabilities.  We are proud to be able to accept secure credit card payment via PayPal as well as  PayPal Credit.  A $50 convenience fee is charged for appointments that are cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled time.  The full session fee is charged for appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.  In the event of an emergency, the counselor will endeavor to reschedule a make-up session.  All counselees/clients are required to maintain a credit card information on file for use only in event of a cancellation.  If you do not have a credit card, you will need to make a $75 deposit which will be credited to your last appointment if there are no cancellations.

This counseling model will bless you and yours.  Our counseling services are held in strict confidence.  We look forward to serving you.

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