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Soul Care | About SCMi™

Soul Care Christian Counseling, Life Coaching, Clergy Consultation, Spiritual Direction

Soul Care | About SCMi™

Soul Care Ministries International specializes in providing holistic soul care.  Holistic soul care is vital to our spiritual, psychological, and physical health and wellness.  The reason is because we are all spiritual beings, who live in a body, and posseses a soul.  You were created to thrive, be in holistic health, and enjoy soul prosperty (cf. 3 John 1:2). Soul Care Ministries International offers holistic soul care services that include Christian counseling, life coaching, spiritual direction, and clergy consultation.   We are here to come alongside and help you thrive, be well, and prosper so you can live your best life and fulfill your life purpose.

“This is the LORD’S doing; It is marvelous in our eyes.” (Psalm 118:2)

Soul Care Ministries International is a faith-based nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Linda H. King.   This is a unique practical ministry and global outreach organization.  We offer holistic soul care services to help you with your spiritual, mental, behavioral, emotional and physical health and wellness.  The services encourage healing and restoration, empowerment and growth, and spiritual formation.   In addition, we offer clergy consultation and Christian education to equip counselors, life coaches and care-givers for works of service.

The organization was officially established in the year 2002 as an independent, ecumenical, Christian outreach ministry.  It culminates the founder’s response to God’s call to ministry in the marketplace.  Soul Care Ministries International, Inc (SCMi™) is a Virginia chartered, nonprofit, non-denominational corporation that is also registered in the state of Georgia.   The organization was established for charitable, religious and educational purposes.  This is the place where our founder’s spiritual gifts, passion, vocation, global business expertise, and life purpose converges in a God inspired vision for marketplace ministry.  Through the organization’s unique generational and culturally sensitive services, we look to serve people around the world.

We are purposed to come alongside the church and local community to attend to the soul care needs of the people, whether the person is a believer or not.  That’s what Christian soul care ministry is all about.  Services are currently provided in the Atlanta area and online.

Our founder, Dr. Linda King, is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel and operates under the ecclesiastical covering of the National Conservative Christian Church.  She holds professional credentials by the National Christian Counselors Association as an N.C.CA. Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with advanced Board Certifications.  She is also certified in Biblical Counseling and Professional Life Coaching by the American Association of Christian Counselors (A.A.C.C.).

Our strongest, first, and foremost commitment is to the Biblically ordained equipping ministry of the universal church.  Secondly, we are committed to fostering and supporting community through professional services.  SCMi is an advocate for faith-based environmental stewardship, risk management, disaster preparedness, victims of crime, and underserved communities.  The organization is supported by donations, modest contributions for service, gifts of resources and the work of our volunteers.

We are an organization with much educational training, advanced professional skills, and practical business and ministry experience.  More importantly, we deeply depend upon the Holy Spirit as our guide, prayer, and the Bible as the final authority for all of our services.  It is only through the counsel and teaching of the Holy Spirit, our spiritual gifts, and the practical application of the Word of God that we offer these services.  We seek to honor God in all we do.

Please click the links to learn more about our  leadershipstaffpurpose, vision, mission, values and statement of faith.


As declared in Romans 1:16, we affirm that we are “not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes. . .”

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